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It is expected that this expo will discuss many topics related to the Halal industry and its services, in particular the following:

  • Introducing Halal and its divisions, and the current economic and technological developments in relation to Halal products.
  • Identify the chemical state of food ingredients, food additives, medicines, cosmetics, and what is related to them.
  • Discussing the legality of using means of shock and anaesthesia (electrical shock and concussion) and the concept of impossibility and the importance of declaring them on the label of the package data if they are used in the product claimed to be Halal.
  • Learn about the history of the Halal industry and its services, the obstacles faced by the industry throughout history, and the solutions offered.
  • Discussing the importance of laboratory analytical results and modern techniques used in Halal laboratories and reinterpreting them by offering future Halal workshops dealing with these topics.
  • Learn about the economic, commercial, educational and service aspects of the Halal industry and its services.
  • Identifying prospects and promising investment opportunities in the Halal industry.
  • Emphasizing the importance of using modern technologies and social media platforms as a reliable observatory in spreading the Halal culture and building its economies in food and non-food products.
  • Communicating with international universities in providing studies on how to spread the Halal culture to include daily habits and practices.
  • Presenting applicable recommendations aimed at promoting the concept of the Halal industry and its services.

1. The First Halal Workshop: Transforming Scientific Research and Development Activities in the Halal Industry:

A workshop aims to prepare a study and benefit from previous studies on how to secure funding for scientific research and development activities in the Halal industry using the necessary technical knowledge and education.

Workshop objectives:

  • Mobilizing specialized human and technical resources to develop a plan to finance scientific research and development activities in the world in the field of Halal and its related awareness campaigns.
  • Review and evaluate attempts to establish similar funds around the world.
  • Conducting in-depth legal and legal studies to decide on an appropriate mechanism for financing scientific research and development activities in the field of Halal.

2. The second workshop by specialization:

It is a workshop that will be designed through communication with organizations and companies specialized in the field of the halal industry and its services in various sectors in the field of promotion in cooperation and coordination with the organizing committee of the forum.

3. The third workshop on academic health accreditation:

It will be organized in cooperation with the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the participants will be given recognized certificates.