Bahrain Halal Expo 2024

Bridging the Gap between Halal Industry & Islamic Finance!

6-7 February 2024, Crowne Plaza Manama,
The Kingdom of Bahrain

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2024 Highlights

Bahrain Halal Expo 2024 - Bridging the Gap Between Halal Industry and Islamic Finance. Bahrain Halal Expo is where the world's foremost gathering of Halal industry experts converges to explore the dynamic intersection of Halal trade and Islamic finance. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Bahrain, this event serves as a pivotal platform fostering dialogue, innovation, and collaboration between these two influential domains.

Bahrain Halal Expo

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Delegate Profile

Bahrain Halal Expo 2024 Is Your Gateway to Middle East Market. Meet International Halal Buyers & Sellers In The Following Sectors .

Advisory Board

Shaikh Dr. Abdulatif Al-Mahmood

Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Hani Mansour Al-Mazeedi

Member of board of the Kuwait Society for Halal Products Awareness

Mrs. Zuraini Hasanuddin

Founder, Malaysia International Marketing and Trade Chamber (MIMTC)

Mr. Asad Sajjad

Founder & CEO Halal Development Council

Organising Committee

Mr. Ahmed Almahmood

General Manager of Bahrain Islamic Association

Mr. Abdulrahim Naqi

Coordinator of Bahrain Halal Expo

Mr. S. Ali Shubbar Jawad

Director, Testing & Metrology Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Hassan Hassani


Mr. Mohammed Noor

Founder & CEO of Halal Center of Commerce & Industry / noorwaqf

Ms. Zahra Baqer

CEO of Zari International Consultancy

First Day – Tuesday (6th February 2024)

    • Recitation from the Noble Quran

    • Opening Remarks

    • H. E. Dr Abdullatif Al-Mahmood
      Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee President of the Islamic Association, Kingdom of Bahrain.

    • Dr Hani Mansour Al-Mazeedi
      Member of board of the Kuwait Society for Halal Products Awareness, State of Kuwait. (Why is this forum and its exhibition in the Kingdom of Bahrain?)

    • H.E. Mr Ihsan Ovüt
      Secretary General of SMIIC (Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries)

    • H.E. Sheikh Ibrahim Khalifa Al Khalifa
      Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Institutions (AAOIFI) and Chairman board of trustees of AAOIFI.

    • H.E. Mr Saud Bin Nasser Al Khusaibi
      President of GCC Standardization Organization (GSO).

    • H.E. Abdullah Adel Fakhro
      Minister of Industry and Commerce, Kingdom of Bahrain.

    • Distribution of awards of the event by H.E. Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro Minister of Industry and Commerce and Opening the Exhibition.

    • Bridging the Gap between Halal Industry & Islamic Finance

      Ms Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo
      Founder & President, World Halal Development - Halal Roma

    • Chances of Haram Contamination in non-Halal Certified products- Halal Economy; Potential & Opportunities

      Mr Asad Sajjad
      Founder & CEO, Halal Development Council

    • Evaluation of GMO Technology in Terms of Halal and Tayyib

      Mr Habib D. Ghanim Sr.
      President of USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, ISWA Halal Certification Department, Vice President of World Halal Council

    • Advance Scientific Tools for Halal Food Authentication

      Prof. Dr Faqir Muhammad Anjum
      Former Vice Chancellor University of the Gambia, CEO IFANCA Pakistan Halal Apex Pvt. Ltd.

    • Pre-arranged B2B Meetings, Lunch for participants and prayer break.

  • Discussions will encompass investment opportunities across the entire Halal value chain, from production to distribution and services. Participants will analyze the economic landscape of the Halal industry, emphasizing its potential for growth and profitability. Specific attention will be given to innovative financial technologies (FinTech) that align with Halal principles (Tayyab FinTech), examining the transformative role of technology in facilitating ethical and Shariah-compliant financial transactions within the Halal ecosystem. The panel will identify key sectors and projects offering attractive returns for investors, providing insights into market trends, regulatory considerations, and risk management strategies. The overarching goal is to offer a comprehensive perspective on the investment landscape within the Halal trade, industry, and FinTech economy, fostering a deeper understanding of the opportunities available in this rapidly evolving sector.

    • Session Chairman:

      Mr. Ali A. Al Bastaki
      Founder and CEO
      Twsiat Consultant

    • Mr Ahmed Mohammed Buhazza
      An arbitrator and certified expert in technology and financial sciences from G.C.C Commercial Arbitration Centre

    • Mr Ehab Rashad
      General Manager of Mubasher Capital

    • Dr Mughees Shaukat
      Senior Manager AAOIFI

    • Dr Hani Mansour Al-Mazeedi
      Member of board of the Kuwait Society for Halal Products Awareness

    • Imam Dr Sheraz Ali
      Deputy chairman and lead auditor of the Darul Uloom Halaal Committee, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Islands

    • General Discussions (Q&A)

    • Tea and prayer break.

  • The discussion will span traditional Islamic finance instruments such as Mudarabah and Musharakah, evaluating their compatibility with Shariah law. Sukuk issuance's role in capital mobilization for Halal projects will be examined alongside the potential of Islamic microfinance in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the Halal industry. The panel will also dissect trade financing mechanisms within Islamic banking, exploring how letters of credit can align with Shariah principles. The critical relationship between Islamic venture capital and Halal startups will be explored, emphasizing success stories and challenges. Regulatory frameworks, risk management, and innovative trends in Halal financing will be addressed, providing a global perspective on the collaboration between Islamic financial institutions and Halal industry players.

    • Session Chairman:

      Mohamed Jasim Ebrahim
      Head of Sharia coordination and implementation.
      Al baraka Islamic Bank, Kingdom of Bahrain.

    • Mr Hussain Sayed
      CEO of Safaghat

    • Shaikh Dr Abd Al Nasser Al Mahmoud
      Head of Sharia Coordination & Implementation
      Khaleeji Bank

    • Dr Dawood Al Shezawi
      President of Annual Investment Meeting, Dubai (UAE)

    • Mr. Abdulaziz M. Al Mutlaq
      Regional Partner
      NavPass Co

    • Dr Bakri Abdulrahim Bashir
      Private Financial Consultant

    • General Discussions (Q&A)

Second Day – Wednesday (7th February2024)

  • The panel will explore the unique challenges and complexities associated with dispute resolution in this sector, emphasizing the need for efficient and Shariah-compliant arbitration processes. Topics will include the advantages of trade arbitration in resolving disputes promptly, maintaining confidentiality, and providing a neutral platform for resolution. Legal experts and industry professionals will share insights on best practices for drafting arbitration clauses, navigating cross-border disputes, and ensuring compliance with Shariah principles throughout the arbitration process. The overarching objective is to underscore the importance of a robust and specialized arbitration framework tailored to the nuances of Halal trade and industry, promoting fair and efficient resolution mechanisms for contractual disputes.

    • Session Chairman:

      Dr Hisham Alasheeri
      Member of the Parliament.
      The Kingdom of Bahrain.

    • Speakers:

    • Ms Aysha Abdulla Mutaywea
      Mena Chambers Bahrain Law Firm

    • Dr Abdel Gadir Warsama Ghalib
      Legal Advisor
      Warsama Consultancy

    • Prof. Dr Ali Al Ebrahim
      Vice President
      Regional CSR Network

    • Dr Zaki Al-Rubaei
      Head, Marketing & International Relations, GCC Standardization Organisation (GSO)

    • General Discussions (Q&A)

  • Participants will delve into the unique challenges confronting small and medium-sized enterprises in the Halal industry, ranging from regulatory complexities and market access barriers to financial constraints. The discussion will also explore strategies for overcoming these challenges, including collaborative initiatives, government support programs, and technological innovations. Industry experts will share insights into emerging trends and opportunities that can propel SMEs toward sustainable growth in the dynamic landscape of Halal trade and industry. The panel aims to foster a dialogue on best practices, resilience, and innovation, offering a forward-looking perspective on how SMEs can navigate challenges and capitalize on future prospects within the evolving Halal market.

    • Session Chairman:

      Mr Osama Al Khaja
      Chairman of Spire Technologies

    • Speakers:

    • Ms Elvina A. Rahayu
      Director of Assessment and Domestic & Foreign Affairs of LPH KHT Muhammadiyah from Indonesia

    • Prof. Dr Irwandi Jaswir
      Professor at IIUM, Malaysia

    • Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo
      Founder & President
      World Halal Development - Halal Roma

    • Dr. Abdul Hassan Al-Dairi
      Chairman Bahrain SMEs and The United International Small and Medium Enterprises Organisation (UNISMO)

    • General Discussions (Q&A)

    • Lunch for participants and prayer break.

    • Dr Fajur Sabah Al Saloom
      Animal Health Director
      Ministry of Municipalities Affairs & Agriculture, Kingdom of Bahrain

    • By Prof. Dr. Irwandi Jaswir professor from International Islamic Muslim University and the winner of King Faisal Prize for service to Islam

    • By Dr. Zakaria Al-Khanji, Management and leadership consultant in institutions and expert in sustainable human development

    • Recommendations and Future Expectations of the Halal Industry Forum and Exhibition 2024


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