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Under the patronage of
HE Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro

Minister of Industry and Commerce


6-7 February 2024


Manama, Bahrain

Event Overview

The halal industry refers to products and services that adhere to Islamic dietary guidelines and meet specific ethical and religious requirements. It encompasses sectors such as food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, finance, and tourism. The halal market has seen significant growth worldwide, driven by a rising global Muslim population and increased consumer awareness.

However, some key challenges still exist. The lack of standardized halal certification processes has led to inconsistencies in halal labeling and accreditation across different regions while complex sourcing networks and potential risks of cross-contamination can hinder the integrity of halal supply chains. Consumer trust is another crucial aspect that the industry must address, especially regarding fraud and mislabeling in order to maintain confidence in halal products.

The Bahrain Halal Expo serves as a platform to address the challenges faced by the industry. This platform brings together stakeholders, including businesses, certification bodies, and consumers, to foster dialogue and collaboration. The event includes an international forum and exhibition that will showcase innovative solutions that can enhance the halal ecosystem, such as advanced tracking technologies, blockchain-based traceability systems, and standardized certification frameworks. By facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting best practices, the Bahrain Halal Expo plays a vital role in strengthening the halal industry and building trust among consumers, paving the way for sustainable growth and global recognition of halal products.

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Market Drivers
Global Muslim population

(i.e. Halal product consumers) is expected to grow to 2.2 billion in 2030

2 trillion USD

is the value of the global halal market

2.8 trillion USD

is the global Muslim market growth potential by 2025

Islamic finance

largest sector of the Halal Industry


is the global market share of halal food industry

1.38 trillion USD

spent on Halal food and beverages

Why Bahrain ?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is considered one of the leading Arab Islamic countries in the application of Islamic law, and one of the first countries in embracing Islamic institutions of all kinds, banking, financial and insurance, and the manufacture of Halal national products, in addition to organizing many events that focus on Islamic banking, and this Expo comes in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain Economic 2030, which depends on diversifying sources of income through a number of programs to enhance its role as a regional and global center to serve the Halal industry and its services, which will complement its system in other global Islamic activities and events.


Sheikh Dr. Abdullateef Mahmoud Al-Mahmoud
Member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Former Associate Professor in the Islamic Studies Department by University of Bahrain

Mr. Asad Sajjad
CEO of Halal Development Council
Dr. Hani Al-Mazeedi
(Former)Associate Research Scientist

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Mohamed A.K.A Nour
Founder and CEO

Halal Trade Zone


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Increase brand visibility and exposure among a targeted audience interested in halal products and services, and showcase your offerings, attract attention to your brand, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

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The Expo attracts a specific audience of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, buyers, and consumers interested in the halal market. Sponsoring the event allows you to directly reach your target market and promote your products or services to your target audience.

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connect with other industry players, potential clients, distributors, suppliers, and business partners and create new collaborations and business relationships.

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Increase brand visibility and exposure among a targeted audience interested in halal products and services, and showcase your offerings, attract attention to your brand, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

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showcase your halal products and services in your dedicated space in the exhibition area, conduct product demonstrations, and engage with visitors to educate them about your offerings.

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Sponsoring the event demonstrates your commitment and support for the halal industry and strengthen your reputation as leaders in the halal market.

Government Relations

enhance your relationship with government bodies and regulatory authorities involved in the halal industry and learn how you can strengthen your compliance with halal standards and regulations.

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